A Beautiful Mind?

Every great story has a great beginning, like “In the Beginning” or “It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of the Times”. My story, well, I can’t even tell you when it started. My story starts everyday. Much like Groundhog Day, but way better. I am not destined to live the same day over and over again until I make the right choice. I am gifted with a new day, new blessings, new challenges, new heartaches, new laughs, new experiences and more opportunities to see God.

I often don’t feel like I take after many people in my family. But I do think I have my grandfathers flair for storytelling. I love to share stories with my friends because it allows me to see the humor in the situation and relax.

Everything about society is against us in that so little that we are being exposed too is positive. Even well meaning friends. Recently in our Christmas Eve Service the Pastor asked “how would we let God use us as a Light in the dark?”. I have been contemplating that question. Do I have anything to offer as a light? Most days I feel  lacking as a person, wife, mother friend. Of course to the people who matter, I am not. But why do I let society tell me I must always be more?

I am taking back ME! I am owning who I am, the fearfully and wonderfully made Beverly,  the humorous Beverly God made me to be. I am owning the quirky way I am, the silly jokes I make, and all the other strange things I do. I am putting it out there for you. This blog is for you, me, and anyone who wants to find the humor in life. In the things our kids do, animals do, encounters we have, or the truly ridiculous things that happen to us.

I have had the most insane week. There are so many things I could talk about, cry about, rage about, complain about, and got to the corner and drool and rock back and forth about. Even though this earth isn’t my home, its where I am now, and I don’t want to be miserable and angry. I want to see the beauty in me, and in you and in all that God created. I want to see the crazy things my kids do for the wonderfully creative things they are and not the “I’m sure they are trying to send me to an early grave” things I currently see.

When I see me 9 year old son, dropping Trowel in the kitchen, with the patio door open, when its 21 degrees outside, peeing on the patio….I want to realize he is brilliantly trying to do a science experiment to see if his pee will freeze, and not being a moron and not assume he is using the dog as a moving target. I want to lovingly swoop over, and prepare charts and graphs and figure out how cold does, it have to be, before your pee freezes……and then joyously laugh with exuberance as we succeed in making frozen pee instead of cussing like a sailor as I hide my naked child in a towel, slam the door, have to wash the dog, and go cry in the room, because I reacted badly (like really, badly).

Ladies, lets start our great story today! Let take our ME back. I know we lose who we are in all that we do. Lets embrace who we are, embrace who are men are, and meet our children and embrace their wonderfully creative minds. Let us OWN who WE are, let us OWN who OUR FAMILY is, let us be positive, let us be lights in the dark. Let us show those around us who we are and that we our proud!


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  1. When “in the moment” it’s difficult to stop and think about the desired outcome. Often the knee jerk reaction is the road taken. Consider the extensive training needed to respond appropriately in these situations. It may take awhile before you are qualified to calmly react, consider everyone’s feelings, orchestrate the desired outcome. You are far along the training path though! You realize knee jerk isn’t always right – there is something better! Timing is also vital. Right now isn’t always the best time. Some things can wait. Loving your family and friends is a giant step and being a team player but not making everyone run your plays is… well you are 99% trained! I think you will live a happy life and those close to you will love and adore you.


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